Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Those Promises

Hello everyone!

Sorry that it has been a while. I know that I say that every time that I don't post for a long time and then come back. It has been a good amount of time.

There have been some developments since we last spoke.

1. I got MARRIED! (yes, married)

2. I changed careers. I got out of the tech/startup world and went into a field that I have always wanted to go into. EMS. Yes, Emergency Medical Service. I am in EMT in California. I got my license in October.

Ok.. those are the 2 big things. Let's break these 2 down a bit.

First, my wife.... because she is amazing.  

You have all been along for the ride, so you know all of the history. If you don't know then you can just got back into this blog and check it out.  There have been a couple of girls that I was with that I thought that I was going to have something long-term with....  but really, when it comes to a comparison to what I have with the woman that I am married to.. there is no comparison.

She is everything that I always wanted in a life partner, and she came out of nowhere.... just like I was told that she would. She came from the internet... and Italy.

She is beautiful.. like knockout beautiful. She is my exact type. I think I have been searching for a woman just like her for such a long time that I forgot what my type was... but there she was. My perfect being.... my perfect life partner. She is all that I have ever wanted.... all that I have ever dreamed of.

She is Italian... like from Italy. (I always have to say that... I don't know why). She has a beautiful accent that makes me feel like anything is possible.  She is helping me learn italian... otherwise I won't be able to communicate with any of my new family in Italy.

She is creative. She is a designer... and talks about all kinds of creative stuff that over my head.

I changed careers. 

I was getting really disillusioned with what I was doing... really the whole startup/tech world that was flourishing around me... as I kept getting further and further along, making more and more money... all I could think of was...
"All of this doesn't mean anything... this is all bullshit. I have to get out of here and do something that means something... even if I don't make any money doing it"
So I made my decision... I was going to go to EMT school and go into the world of EMS. It was always a dream of mine to do something in the public safety realm. My mother was a nurse and always told me that I was going to end of in health care someday. For some reason, I always knew that she was right.

When I left my job at the startup... I was so relieved. I knew that this was the right direction for me to go. Some of my former coworkers could not understand why I was going to do something that didn't pay well.   Money did not matter to me. At the end of my employment at the startup, they could have offered me 3 times what I was making and I would have turned it down. I was that unhappy with what I was doing.

It has taken a while. I got licensed in October and am going to finally start my first EMT job in a couple of days. We have a 10 day vacation in Italy (to meet my new in-laws) in December and I thought that it would not be a good idea to start a new job and ask for time off.

It is a new adventure. I am thankful for everything.

I will be better about updating you all.... thanks for sticking with me for these 8 years.

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